Richard J. Dubin

Producer / Writer

Richard began his Entertainment career through the world of photography working with such clients as the NFL, IBM, NASA, The Hyatt, and many more.  However, upon the formation of CrossCut Films, he began writing, directing and producing film projects.  As a proud member of the Directors Guild of America, Richard has won a multitude of awards for both producing and directing including a Silver Ticket award recipient from Poland for his work on “Expecting Love in association with the Polish film company that collaborated on “Schindler’s List” (1993)  and “Proof of Life” (2000).  He produced “The Last Will” (2005) with writer/director Eric Miles which was showcased at Cannes Film Festival in 2005.  He also partnered with Director, Dan Myrick from the “Blair Witch Project” (1999), and collaborated with him on a horror trilogy before moving to Los Angeles, Ca.  Richard’s list of producing credits is long and diverse.   

Richard is an accomplished writer in various genres that include film scripts, stories and a stage play. His writing spans drama, comedy and romance, creating original and imaginative scripts that are nuanced with compelling characters and unique overlapping plotlines. One of his scripts was recently a finalist for best drama at the Finow Film Festival.